If you are a dog lover, you will surely vote for them as your number one choice of pets. Dogs are one of the pets that could be found in a household around the world. Dogs have their own charm that makes them attractive. They also offer benefits and one of them is to have a good health. That is because when you have your own dog, you have to walk them if you do not have your own background that can serve as their playground.

Dogs can stay in the house and serve as a guard when there is an intruder. They can also stay outside the house having their own home or inside the house. You can provide them a crate so they could stay there and have their own space so they would not bother you all the time. Training is just what you need and they can be scheduled so you know when to feed them or walk them. They will also know it and would follow it.

The dogs are loyal and they could sense when you are in danger and could protect you. Dogs can also be trained so they could provide companionship to people who need them for healing. they can also serve as guides for the blind people. There is more and more active participation of dogs in the society that makes them being loved. they also look cute or an elegant one or a handsome one. They also come in different sizes so you could choose among them.